My Open Source Projects

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My Open Source Projects


My desire to perform open source contributions started when I met my senior Ashwin Karuvally at my Post Graduation (MCA) at College of Engineering Trivandrum (CET). He was an open source contributor and a hardcore linux user.When I was at my first years, I was a windows user. Using windows was soley for playing games. He taught me why FOSS, Git and Linux and why open source contribution improves skills and lands a respectible job at top tier companies. I was very intersted in IOT and hardware programming. So I started making projects based on electronics. But before that, my contributions started by developing platform for CET MCA fest, DCOD. For that competition, I worked with the seniors to Debugger (For code decoding competion. It’s like hackerrank), reverse engineering (Hack the given database and website code and answer questions) and Open Sesame(Password guessing game).

After the fest, I started aquiring more knowledge on micro-controllers and hardware programming and at later stages, I started taking workshops on those topics. For sharing the study materials, I used add the contents to git repositories and share them.

I have used git to version control all my lab programs I used to do when I was at CET from S1 to mini project S5 (S6 not complete yet). I have used Git and Github develop and host my CV website, CV and blog.

My Projects

These are some of the honourable projects I will done till 2019. But, when I look back at this post for few years, I will be very disappointed at my old me. Each of the following projects has a story to tell.

  1. 3 Factor Authentication lock.
  2. Python fingerprint recognition.
  3. Youtube Subscriber Count.
  4. Weather Station Project.
  5. Surveillance Bot.
  6. vONE Atmega Board.
  7. Digital Clock with Birthday Alarm.
  8. IOT water Level Indicator

The 3 Factor authentication lock was 3 level authentication lock for safes and homes. The levels included key switch authentication, pin code authentication and RFid verification. This project was developed using Arduino Uno, NodeMCU, Multiplexer, key switch keypad and RFid. I made this project for Attingal Engineering College electronics competiton. They just didnt throw me out because there was nothing new in it. I felt very bad that day because they just gave a middile finger to my effort 😂.

The Python fingerprint recognition is my first contribution to another project that belonged to a person I dont know. In this project I fixed the errors due to which the program was not working. It was a new and very satisfying feeling that I got when the owner accepted my pull request.

The Youtube Subscriber Count is a project I did for my friend Zeno Modiff(Who is a youtuber). It is simple project developed using NodeMCU and OLED display. The display showed a his channel’s subscriber count and viewer count.

The Weather Station Project is a contribution I made for my friend Akhil A B. The projectis developed using OLED display, DHT11, Moisure sensor and rain drop sensor.

The Surveillance Bot is a robot developed using DHT11, PIR sensor, Pi Camera, ultrasonic sensors, Servo motor and motors for the movement.

The vONE Atmega Board is my version of Arduino Uno. This version was developed for protyping products that used Atmega328p. The features include 2 5V pins, 3 3.3V pins, 5 ground pins, extra voltage filtering and FTDI for flashing and debugging purposes.

The Digital Clock with Birthday Alarm is a birthday alarm I made for a special person in my life. The project is developed Arduino UNO, OLED display and RTC module. This alarm shows date and time and displays “Happy Birthday” on birthday date.

The IOT Water Level Indicator is the most complex project I have worked yet. This project was done as a part of my mini project during my 5th semester at CET. The details about the projects is the repository. During this project, I have worked on a lot of new concepts and learned many new things.

Honourable Mentions

Some of the other projects include my blog, my current CV and my portfolio site are open-source and available for anyone to fork. My blog is built on Jekyll, My CV is built using Latex and my porfolio site is built using HTML,CSS and Javascript.

Future Projects

My future projects include:-

  1. 3D printer
  2. CNC Machine
  3. Raspberry Pi Cluster

Thanking for having patience for reading my small blog.

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