Unbrick Samsung Note 8

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Unbrick Samsung Note 8


This blog guides you to unbrick your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I have bricked my phone few times for finding a way to root the phone. So lets go on with it, shall we.


  1. Download your phone latest firmware from here.
  2. Here, enter your phone name and select your country.
  3. Download the firmware. The firmware will be a zip file.
  4. Unzip the firmware.
  5. Download Odin from here.

Installing the Firmware

  1. Open Odin.
  2. Select BL as the file whose name starts with BL.
  3. Do the same for the rest 3 buttons (Note: Select CSC rather than HOME_CSC). No need to add anything to USERDATA.
  4. Connect your phone is downloading mode (Volume down + bixby button + power button).
  5. Connect phone to the computer.
  6. Click start.

The flashing part takes time. After that, the phone will reboot and it will take some time. And guess what?, you have unbricked your Samsung Note 8.

Disclaimer: If you hard brick your phone. I am not responsible for it.

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