Root Samsung Note 8

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Root Samsung Note 8


In this blog, I will instruct you to root your Samsung Note 8. I have performed this root on Android 9. Download necessay files from here. The installation requires a windows machine to run the applications involved for rooting.

There are mainly 3 steps:-

  1. Pre-install
  2. Installation
  3. Post-install

Pre Installation

In this step, we will do the prerequisite steps for performing root.

  1. We need to enable Developer Options. To do that, we will go settings –> Software Information –> tap build number 7 times. This will unlock the developer options.

  2. Goto Developer Options in settings. Enable OEM unlocking and USB debugging.


To install root:-

  1. Turn off phone.
  2. Enter downloading mode by pressing volume down, bixby button and power button together.
  3. Press volume up.
  4. Connect the phone to computer.
  5. Run Odin (present in the above link)
  6. Select AP as the twrp-3.3.1-0-greatlte.img present in flash-files folder.
  7. Press start.
  8. Just after completion, press volume up, bixby and power button to get into TWRP.

Post Installation

For post Installation:-

  1. Select keep read only.
  2. We need to wipe everything. Goto Wipe and swipe to Factory reset.
  3. Connect the phone to the computer and copy all the other files present in the flash-files folder.
  4. After that, install all the other files in the folder. For that, select install in TWRP homescreen. After each install dont forget to clear cache (It will be present after every install).
  5. Boot the phone.

Congrats, you have successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Disclaimer: If you brink your phone, I am not responsible. I have written another blog on how to unbrick your Samsung galaxy Note 8.

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